Since publishing a peer-reviewed journal article is the building block for knowledge development, Indonesian Journal of environmental management and sustainability (IJEMS) as an international journal has to make sure that all the materials published to follow the ethical principle of academic publishing. Therefore, it is essential to building an ethical standard to lead all the contributors involved in the publishing process to create a comfortable atmosphere and to avoid problems that caused by a certain conflict of interest.

Duties of Editor

Since editors have responsibility and authority to reject or accept the submitted articles, they should have no conflict of interest about articles which they manage. The editors must be objective and fair when conducting their responsibilities without making any discrimination to gender, religion, ethnic, political view, or geographical origin of the authors. The anonymity of the reviewer also should be preserved by editors.

Duties of Reviewer

All the reviewer involved in the publishing process are requested to give an assist for improving the quality of the manuscript by conducting an objective review process based on their expertise. The reviewer also requested to give a contribution to the decision-making process (accepted or rejected) on the manuscript. The reviewer must inform the journal editor if during the review process they find any published or submitted content that similar to the manuscript that being review. The reviewers should no conflict of interest with the research topic, authors personality, and the research funder.

Duties of Authors

The authors must be willing to follow the peer-review process that has been set up by the journal. The authors are responsible for providing original and high accuracy data which does not contain plagiarism or fraudulent data. The submitted manuscript should not be under consideration or accepted for publication elsewhere. In the case of part of the data have been published elsewhere, the source has to be cited or acknowledged. For the work that was reproducing data from the others source, proper citation and permission are required to be included in the manuscript. The presence of any potential conflict of interest must be declared including any financial, personal, or other relationship with other people or organization related to their work that could affect their work. If there any sponsor(s) along with their role in the research or study, should be disclosed in the acknowledgment. The authors also requested to be willing to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions, and apologies when needed.